Al Worden’s West Point Years

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2 Responses to “Al Worden’s West Point Years”

  1. 1 Rev Colleen E Brown

    I am so appreciative of your doing this. We learn so little about the lives of the astronauts and being friends with Edgar Mitchell I’ve come to realize
    just how courageous all of you really were. What an amazing life and how much–again– you are appreciated. The book will be a real treasure.

  2. Francis, this is very special, to have a place to see photos of Al. I’m in the last chapter of the book. Having read other astronaut biographies and autobiographies, I must say I had to have a box of tissues on hand for this one. I’m sure that many people, with luck and determination, could be Al, trusting those in authority to have our best interests at heart. Al’s message to his readers in the chapter entitled Redemption, after his father died, seems to be to not be afraid to take risks. I’m so glad he didn’t spare his readers the hard stuff. Thank you.

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