Al Worden’s NASA Years

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3 Responses to “Al Worden’s NASA Years”

  1. 1 Brandon

    Currently reading your book- facinating! Thanks for posting these pictures!

  2. 2 Doug Kelley


    Thank you for your book. I’ve already read many others on the space program and found yours at the local Borders when they were closing. Didn’t even know about it. Read it on my flight from Phoenix to Philadelpha. Great read, thank you for writing your side. You did a great job and I highly recommend it to others. I placed it in my office right next to “DEKE”. Thought you might like to know that!


  3. Al. Such a great life. Such a great, emotional and hard to endure story. You did well to share your life story with us. I loved the book, the way you write it with this superbe humility. Your book is in my personal pantheon of space age key books. Congrats from France, Regards, Alexis de Gemini.

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