In the Shadow of the Moon and Into that Silent Sea have gone digital. You can now download the books from the Kindle and Google eBooks stores and read them where ever you are.

In the Shadow of the Moon on Kindle and Google eBooks

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Check out a recent interview on The Space Show. Topics included the San Diego Air & Space Museum, STEM Education, space flight history, and of course books (three in particular).

To listen to the interview, click here.

You can see both Omega articles in this video, with what look like some movies playing when they are opened on an iPad.

You can find out more about the app by clicking here.

Francis contributed the chapter on Yuri Gagarin to this new book, “The Great Explorers” edited by Robin Hanbury-Tenison. It’s a small part of a much bigger book looking at explorers across the centuries.

You can purchase a copy over at Amazon.

The Space Camp Hall of Fame 2010 gala is over. You can see some photos here and here. If you want to see all of the photos from the event, click here.

Below are some remarks from NASA’s Deputy Administrator Lori Garver’s speech during the event:

First congratulations to those we are here to celebrate for their incredible accomplishments and contributions to space‐‐the Hall of Fame inductees.

It’s also hard to believe that it’s been almost a quarter century since my husband David and I went through the Space Academy Program. We had just been married at the time. Yes, this is one of the first things we did as newlyweds. Not embarrassing?? And we’re not the only ones. I understand that Francis French, honored here tonight, met his future wife at Space Academy Level II. Look out

The inductees into the Hall of Fame ‐‐ you’ve taken your passions and turned them into professions in science, education, military and the museum world, and then you’ve shared your experiences and touched the lives of young people around the world – you are making your contribution and leaving the world better than you found it.

You can read the text of the speech (PDF) here.

Robert Pearlman over at Collectspace also wrote up a summary of the event.

And just for fun, here is a surprise visit from Al Worden and his wife Jill:

San Diego Air & Space Museum press release about the Space Camp Hall of Fame 2010:

San Diego, CA – July 21, 2010 – The San Diego Air & Space Museum (SDASM) is proud to announce the forthcoming induction of Francis French, the Museum’s Education Director, into the US Space & Rocket Center’s Hall of Fame in Huntsville, Alabama.

The center’s Space Camp Hall of Fame is designed to honor graduates, former employees and supporters who have distinguished themselves in their respective careers.

Jim Kidrick, President & CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum said, “We are very excited to see the education programs of the San Diego Air & Space Museum recognized in this way. Over the past three years, our team has developed and presented innovative programs that inform and excite multiple generations. We’re reaching out to help create the next generation of scientists and engineers, addressing a vital need in this country.”

Prior to joining the San Diego Air & Space Museum staff in 2007, French was Education Programs Coordinator at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, and Director of Events for Sally Ride Science, a company founded by America’s first woman in space.

More information about the August 20, 2010 induction events can be found here:

Two new articles: The Moon and Me, an interview with Buzz Aldrin (you can see pictures of the interview here), and The War is Over, an article on the Soyuz-Apollo linkup, are available in the newest Omega Magazine.

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