Francis French is a space author, educator, and speaker currently residing in San Diego, CA. From a young age in Manchester, England, Francis was fascinated by space. He has written numerous magazine articles and co-authored two books: Into that Silent Sea and In the Shadow of the Moon. Both books were finalists in 2007 for the Eugene M. Emme Award given by the American Astronautical Society. His newest book is Falling to Earth, the co-authored autobiography of Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden, released in Summer 2011.

As an honor for his work on space history, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronaut Walter “Wally” Schirra inducted Francis into the Ancient Order of the Turtles.

Francis is currently the Director of Education at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. He previously worked for Sally Ride Science as the Director of Events. He is available for talks on space history and book signings, asking only to be paid in delicious mochas.

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